Metal Building Insulation

Metal buildings are a cost-effective solution in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and agricultural settings because they’re durable, weather-resistant, and relatively easy to build. 

Since metal naturally conducts heat, one of the most important considerations when it comes to managing long-term energy and maintenance costs is how the building will be insulated. If you plan on heating and cooling your metal building, investing in the right metal building insulation (MBI) will play a significant role in reducing ongoing expenses.

The Benefits of Metal Building Insulation

Metal building insulation offers property owners several benefits. A properly insulated building is more resistant to heat transfer, which directly translates into lower energy costs over the lifetime of the structure. Insulation also allows you to minimize condensation, which is a critical aspect of maintaining your building’s structural integrity. Metal that is continually exposed to moisture can weaken, corrode, and rust. 

A high-quality insulation system will also contribute to the overall level of comfort inside the building. MBI serves an inexpensive acoustic finish that transforms the look and feel of your building’s interior. It prevents noise and air infiltration from the building’s exterior, absorbs sound generated within the interior, increases lighting efficiency, and provides a crisp finish that’s easy to wash and maintain.

Our Custom MBI Solutions

When building owners are erecting new metal buildings or looking to improve the energy efficiency of existing steel structures, they turn to the team at Daw Insulation. It doesn’t matter if your metal building is large or small, Daw is an insulation contractor you can trust to recommend the products and systems that meet your thermal performance, interior surface, and installation needs. Operating since 1952, DAW Construction Group is a certified installer of several leading insulation products and provides custom solutions for new and existing steel buildings.

For new construction, one of our recommended solutions is the Owens Corning ELAMINATOR® 300 Insulation System. Daw is one of the few Certified ELAMINATOR Operators (CEOPs) in the country. The ELAMINATOR System is often the best solution for large metal buildings because it allows our insulation crew to install the insulation as your roofing crew is installing the roof. The safety features built into this system permit both crews to safely install a significant amount of square footage per day, even in windy conditions.

Another system that Daw regularly installs on both new construction and retrofits is the Simple Saver System®. This insulation system is designed for low rise commercial buildings and instantly transforms the dark shadows of metal building roof interiors into clean, bright, and well insulated spaces. The Simple Saver System® offers superior insulation performance and provides fall protection anywhere on the roof that it is properly installed.

On other retrofits, spray foam insulation is the right product for the job. Insulating metal buildings with spray foam dramatically increases thermal performance, reduces condensation, eliminates exterior noise, and improves structural strength. Daw is a certified installer of leading spray foam solutions like CertaSpray Foam, and K13. With decades of experience in the industry and thousands of completed jobs, you can rely on the professionals at Daw Insulation to help you choose the most effective and efficient solutions for your metal building projects.


Our metal building insulation projects include:

  • Elaminator System
    Sterilite Manufacturing, Western Trailer, and Swire Coca-Cola

  • SimpleSaver System
    Rigby Produce and Vail Valley Jet Center

  • Spray Foam Insulation
    Cache Valley Maintenance Facility and University of Utah Stadium

  • Rigid Board
    Amazon, Price Realty Office Building, and North West Commerce Center

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